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Xtreme Compression is a specialized software design consultancy. Under contract, we create custom software around our suite of proprietary algorithms.

Our niche is the lossless compression of discrete structured multidimensional (table) data for fast transmission, real-time query, and archiving.

Unlike conventional data compression methods, ours do not compress serial text, images, audio, or video data. Instead, each targets a particular class of structured data -- primarily row/column-organized tables and access data structures -- used in databases.

Our proprietary algorithms achieve performance beyond the reach of conventional methods: typically twice the compression ratio with an order of magnitude faster decompression.

That extraordinary performance extends the realm of products, services, systems, devices, operations, and applications in which compression’s well-known system and economic advantages can be fully realized and exploited. There are two categories:

  • Where existing methods’ inadequate compression had made capturing sufficient economic benefit impossible

  • Where existing methods’ inadequate decompression rates had made using compression infeasible


Xtreme Compression's radical software technology delivers phenomenal performance on discrete structured data. It achieves compression ratios and decompression speeds that are beyond the reach of conventional methods.

Our portfolio of proprietary data class-specific algorithms exploit the dependency structure of multidimensional data. They are content-aware, cognizant of semantics, and capable of simultaneously decorrelating along and across dimensions, and across data types and levels of abstraction.


Xtreme Compression employs an  epistemic perspective that focuses on qualitative aspects of information: structure, composition, and behavior; relationships to the notions of meaning and knowledge; causality; and the explicit distinction between source variables and target variables.

Our technology is less subject than conventional technology to information theory's compressibility limits. That's why it outperforms the low-dimensional 'industry standard' conventional methods still used to compress structured data.

By everyone else *.

* 7-Zip, Gzip, lzop, NanoZip, PKZIP, StuffIt, WinRAR, WinZip, and zpaq. All product names are trademarks of their respective companies.


Xtreme Compression targets read-intensive applications with multidimensional discrete structured data. For example,

  • Financial transaction information

  • Census files

  • GIS data

  • Postal address files

  • Clickstream data

  • Metafiles

  • Other Big Data


Xtreme Compression also targets wireless devices, mobile applications, and infrastructures constrained by bandwidth, latency, memory, and/or power.

Your advantage is compression performance so far beyond the reach of conventional methods that otherwise-infeasible products, services, systems, devices, operations, and applications can now become reality.

Have 'impossible' requirements? Let Xtreme Compression engineer a beyond-the-state-of-the-art solution for you.

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