Compressing Structured Data?

    Xtreme Compression is Off the Charts!

    Xtreme Compression vs 9 conventional compression utilities on 6 million TPC-H lineitem table records (765,864,502 bytes).
    Timing measurements by Windows 10 PowerShell Measure-Command cmdlet on a Hewlett-Packard 570-p047c Pavilion desktop with a
    3.6-GHz Intel 'Kaby Lake' Core i7-7700 processor and H270 chipset. Xtreme Compression's point coordinates are 0.24 second and 9.04:1.

    Xtreme Compression, Inc. is a software design consultancy specializing in lossless compression of discrete structured data for fast real-time access.

    On a consulting basis, we apply our portfolio of proprietary methods to compress structured data whenever our clients require performance
    beyond the reach of conventional methods.

    Our product is software that has been custom engineered to client-specific requirements and then, typically, integrated into the lowest software levels of the client’s system.

    Have 'impossible' requirements? Let us engineer a beyond-the-state-of-the-art solution for you.


    Xtreme Compression is a radical software technology that delivers phenomenal performance on discrete structured data. It achieves compression ratios and decompression speeds that are beyond the reach of conventional methods.

    Xtreme Compression's portfolio of proprietary data class-specific algorithms exploit dependency structure within multidimensional data. They are content-aware, cognizant of semantics, and capable of decorrelating along and across multiple dimensions simultaneously.

    Xtreme Compression is less subject than conventional technology to information theory's compressibility limits. That's why it outperforms the low-dimensional 'industry standard' conventional methods still used to compress structured data.

    By everyone else *.


    * 7-Zip, Gzip, lzop, NanoZip, PKZIP, StuffIt, WinRAR, WinZip, and zpaq. All product names are trademarks of their respective companies.


    Xtreme Compression targets read-intensive applications with discrete structured data. For example,


    • Financial market data

    • Census information

    • Postal address files

    • Metafiles

    • Analytics

    • Business intelligence


    Xtreme Compression also targets wireless devices, mobile applications, and infrastructures constrained by bandwidth, latency, memory, and/or power.

    Your advantage is compression performance so far beyond the reach of conventional methods that otherwise-infeasible products, services, and operations can now become reality.

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